Straightening Your Teeth as an Adult

By Progressive Dental Group
November 29, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Misaligned and crooked teeth need not bring you down for the rest of your life. Dr. David Salah, practicing at the Progressive Dental Group in Novi, MI, recommends the Invisalign clear aligner solution to help his patients regain their perfect smiles.

How to Fix Misaligned Teeth

There are several options to help you fix your misaligned teeth. One of the most successful is through the use of braces to physically push your teeth into place. Up until recently, your options were limited to surgery or metal braces.

Plastic Braces – An Alternative to Metal Braces

But, through the wonders of plastic technology, you can now have clear braces. They are hard to see and very effective at realigning crooked teeth. In a process that takes up to 24 months, your dentist will fit plastic braces that are replaced every few weeks. The new set adjusts the pressure until your teeth are perfectly aligned. 

This would usually require unsightly wires and little metal brackets that attach directly to the tooth. You can avoid this with the new polyurethane braces.

Teenagers Love Them

Needless to say, most teenagers hate their braces and feel self-conscious and ugly. That has now all changed, with the near-invisible Invisalign system.

The polyurethane braces are removable. This allows flossing and brushing without the pain of trying to get around metal wires. This has obvious advantages over old-school braces, but there is the ever-present temptation to remove them. It is important to understand that you must wear plastic braces for at least 20 hours a day to be effective.

Aligning Your Teeth Faster

If you follow your dentist's advice, then your braces could come off permanently in as little as 1 year instead of the usual 24 months that metal braces require. Invisalign is very popular for this reason, so if you're in Novi, MI, then Dr. Salah can assist you.

Through the use of innovative technology, clear removable aligners systematically straighten your teeth faster than traditional metal braces.

Designed Using Cutting Edge Technology

The clear plastic aligners are designed using cutting-edge software to calculate where and how your teeth need to move to realign correctly. Then, every few weeks, a new set of aligners is manufactured and, through stages, moves your teeth in the right direction.

The plastic trays or aligners can be removed to clean your teeth and so avoid a build-up of plaque and other trapped food particles. So, this is a complete solution to avoiding gum disease and tooth decay while fixing your tooth alignment.

To find out more about Invisalign and to book an appointment at the Progressive Dental Group in Novi. MI, by contacting Dr. Salah on (248) 349-7560.