Are You Interested in Teeth Whitening?

By Progressive Dental Group
September 23, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Teeth can appear dull over time due to the natural aging process. Additionally, certain foods, beverages, and medications can stain teeth so they are no longer as white. Smoking can also stain teeth. Professional teeth whitening is a highly effective method for refreshing your smile. Dull or stained teeth can be whitened by several shades in just one appointment. Professional teeth whitening is offered at Progressive Dental Group in Novi, where Dr. David Salah can determine if you are a candidate for this exciting cosmetic treatment.

In-Office Teeth Whitening at your Novi Dentist

The quickest and most effective way to safely achieve significantly whiter teeth is through professional teeth whitening performed in a dental office by skilled staff. Professional teeth whitening can lighten teeth by up to eight shades in just one treatment. In many cases, your new whiter smile can last for up to five years before follow up treatments are needed.

In-office teeth whitening is as easy as sitting back and relaxing while the whitening gel does all the work. Precautions will be taken to protect the lips and gum so they do not come in contact with the whitening gel. Then, the gel is carefully brushed on the teeth and left there for about one hour. During that time, the bleaching agent in the gel penetrates the enamel to target stains and discolorations just below the tooth’s surface. After one hour, the gel is cleaned off and you will be able to immediately notice a significantly whiter smile.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are several reasons why professional teeth whitening in Novi is so highly effective. One reason is that a high-quality professional-strength bleaching agent is used to lift away stains and brighten dull teeth. The bleaching agent in over-the-counter whitening products is not necessarily as strong or of the same quality as that used by your dentist.

Another reason professional teeth whitening treatments have an advantage over other whitening options is that in-office treatments are performed by highly trained and experienced dental staff. When performing teeth whitening at our office in Novi, our skilled dental professionals take precautions to protect sensitive areas, such as the gums, during treatment. When applying over-the-counter whitening treatments at home, there is the possibility of applying the whitening gel incorrectly and potentially irritating the lips or gums.

An additional advantage of professional teeth whitening is more consistent and longer-lasting results. With over-the-counter products that you apply yourself, it is possible to end up with some areas whiter than others. Since in-office teeth whitening is applied by trained professions, you can expect consistent results. Additionally, the high-quality bleaching agent used for professional teeth whitening delivers results that last significantly longer than what can be achieved with any over-the-counter product.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, professional in-office treatments can deliver the quickest and longest-lasting results. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Salah to discuss professional teeth whitening by calling Progressive Dental Group in Novi MI at (248) 349-7560.